SDMFC Monthly Convenings are built around topics and issues that affect the military connected community in San Diego. In 2018, SDMFC covered 9 topics. To see the associated topics of each month in 2018, see below:

January – Homelessness

February – Blue Star Families Report

March – Blended Families

April – Military Children

May – Mental Health

June – Military Trauma

July – Back to School Resources

August – Employment

September – New Parent Support

To see the associated topics of each month in 2019, see below:

January – SDVFWS Report

February – Blue Star Families Report

March – Caregiver Resources

April – Month of the Military Child

May- Mental Health/QPR Training

June- Growing a Military Family


August – Command Leadership

September – Legal 

To see the associated topics of each month in 2021, see below:

March – What I Wish My Parents Knew – Logged In: How to Stay Safe in the Digital World



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SDMFC 2022 Membership

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