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SDMFC thanks our “Independent Members” for their support of SDMFC and the military and veteran connected community. Independent Members come from a variety of walks of life including, but not limited to, military spouses, government employees, civilian advocates, active duty service members, veterans, and more. All are welcome to receive this designation from SDMFC and each of these members are able to participate in members-only activities.  For more questions, please contact: Daniel Romero at

Below is an ongoing listing of SDMFC’s Independent Members:

  • Akia Isom- SDMFC Coordinating Council Member, Military Spouse, Military OneSource

We are proud to have these individuals support SDMFC!




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    Thanks for helping us make a difference in the military and veteran-connected community!

    SDMFC 2023 Membership

    SDMFC 2023 Membership

    Looking to become an SDMFC Member or to renew your membership in 2023? You came to the right place! Are you a current member, would like to become a member, or want to know what it means to be an SDMFC member? 

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