DOD/DHA Warrior Care Recovery Coordination Program

Services Provided: Housing/Shelter, Individual and Family Life, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services, SDMFC Member

Mission: Directs care and support of wounded, ill, and injured service members

What DOD/DHA Warrior Care Recovery Coordination Program Does:

Peer Support Coordinators (PSCs) are individuals who are deployed to 10 geographical regions to provide regionalized support to military caregivers and caregiver stakeholders. PSCs assist in convening Military Caregiver PEER Forums, conduct outreach activities for caregivers, identify & report on gaps in support, assist in locating & providing information on military caregiver support services, and act as the military caregivers’ point of contact for his/her region.

Who Does DOD/DHA Warrior Care Recovery Coordination Program Serve:

Active Duty Recovering Service Members and their families. Will also assist Veteran Caregivers as well.  All of San Diego County

How DOD/DHA Warrior Care Recovery Coordination Program Serves the Military-Connected Community:

We support Military Caregivers and families. The DoD provides resources and information exclusively for military caregivers who assist wounded, ill, and injured Service members with activities of daily living. Since 2013, DoD’s support for military caregivers has positively impacted thousands of lives by addressing key issues that affect caregivers in the short and long term. These issues often include finances, education, employment, transportation, maintaining a strong family, keeping mentally and physically healthy, navigating through legal issues, and housing.

DOD/DHA Warrior Care Recovery Coordination Program Partners: 

All members of the San Diego Military Family Collaborative and San Diego Veterans Coalition


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