November 2020 – What I Wish My Parents Knew Forum

Posted on: November 17, 2020  |  Posted in: Community Blog

Welcome to the What I Wish My Parent’s Knew landing page for the November 2020 Forum, “What’s Really Going On? Listening To Understand My Mental Health.” Below you will find relevant information and resources presented! 


Community Resources

  1. Do what you can to really listen to the other person: respond respectfully, 1- demonstrate understanding 2- acknowledge feelings 3. talking about underlying needs
  2. How can I say what I want to tell them in a way that they can hear it: tell your perspective in a Non Confrontational way by stating how the situation is impacting you. What is important to you and what can you both do to reach understanding/resolution
  3. Communicate your underlying needs instead of your complaints: respect, understanding, acknowledgment, acceptance, fairness, communication, justice, cooperation

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