An Intern’s Look at the SDMFC

Posted on: April 14, 2017  |  Posted in: Community Blog

Our resource flyer board has at least 50 different collaborative partners alone!

The San Diego Military Family Collaborative (SDMFC) is made up of over 150 public, private, faith-based, military, and governmental organizations, under the support and oversight of Social Advocates for Youth (SAY), San Diego. From the Healthy Start Military Family Resource Center (HSMFRC) the office doubles not only as a military resource center, but also a family program site in the heart of Murphy Canyon. I truly was not aware of the size and scope of the SDMFC coming onboard as a Social Work intern and even 6 months in it is difficult to grasp.

Over the course of the last 6 months I have had the opportunity to work closely with the SDMFC and the Military Family Resource Center – both behind the scenes and front and center. I’v assisted in the planning of events, facilitated meetings with collaborative task groups, worked face-to-face with children at schools and playgroup, and so much more. Even with all this first-hand experience, I have only barely scratched the surface.  From my time interning, I have learned that there really is no “one size fits all” for every problem. I cannot imagine what the collaborative would be without the partnership of the many groups making this group a possibility.

One of the most common things I often hear from new families to the MFRC is, “I’ve lived here all this time and did not know you existed.” Our office is literally right in the middle of the Murphy Canyon military housing area and hidden behind Popeyes. I can understand why they feel that way. I myself got lost looking for the office when being interviewed.

While there is no one solution for every military family’s problem, the Military Family Resource Center and the San Diego Military Family Collaborative are doing what they can to build a place where not only help can be sought in an open and welcoming environment, but where providers can work together in collaboration to better serve families. Next time you are in the area, come check out our office!


 Post and Photos By: Adrian Edquid. Adrian is a BSW student at San Diego State University and an intern for SAY San Diego‘s Military Family Resource Center and the San Diego Military Family Collaborative.