Posted on: May 31, 2019  |  Posted in: Community Blog

May was a productive, albeit bittersweet, month for the San Diego Military Family Collaborative. To recap, we hosted our fourth straight successful spouse transition workshop, on May 16th at SAY San Diego. The SDMFC Monthly Convening – focusing on Mental Health Awareness – featured QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Training with authentic certification provided for all attendees by Bonnie Bear of the Suicide Prevention Council. For all these highlights, it is still difficult for us to say goodbye to three women who have made the Collaborative a better organization – our amazing SDSU interns, Anna Huston and Jedzida Herron,  and SDMFC Transition Talks hostess and all-around awesome person, Adrianne Huls.

On May 16th, SDMFC hosted its fourth consecutive Military Transition: Spouse Edition (MTSE) workshop at SAY San Diego. Although there is not a workshop scheduled for June, we will be having one on July 16th at Newbreak Church Tierrasanta, from 8:30am-1:30pm. The July workshop will be our final day class of 2019 – the remaining dates are scheduled to begin at 5:00pm at SAY San Diego. For more dates and information, CLICK HERE!

On Friday, May 24, the SDMFC held its Monthly Convening at Mission Valley Library, with the topic of the month being Mental Health Awareness. SDMFC was privileged to have Bonnie Bear of the Suicide Prevention Council provide free, certified QPR training to assist attendees in preventing suicides. Of course, there is so much more to mental health awareness than suicide prevention; a follow-up blog post will feature information on various mental health resources throughout San Diego County. Check out the informative factsheet below, or by clicking here.


SDMFC was proud to have worked with SDSU interns, Anna Huston and Jedzida Herron, over the past few months. Their tireless commitment to helping make the Collaborative thrive was second to none, and their positive attitudes and contagious energy made for an engaging and fun workplace. We congratulate them on graduating, and look forward to seeing the many great things they will undoubtedly achieve. Thank you, Anna and Jed!

(L-R) Anna Huston, Jedzida Herron, Bankers Hill Club, October 26, 2018.

SDMFC would also like to give a big thanks to the one-and-only, Adrianne Huls, for everything she has done during her time with the Collaborative! Adrianne hosted Transition Talks video segments on Facebook over the past year (2018-19), and has made a tremendously positive impact within our community. In total, Adrianne recorded 36 Transition Talks segments, with 10,141 views! Let’s not forget that she even hosted our May 2019 MTSE workshop, and has been actively involved in practically every SDMFC function and event since April 2018. We will miss you, Adrianne – thank you for everything!