2016 Coordinating Council Call for Applications

Posted on: November 9, 2015  |  Posted in: Community Blog

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COORDINATING COUNCIL PURPOSE: To provide the SDMFC with leadership and functional authority to make decisions that can effect changes to accomplish our vision, mission and goals. At this time there are 1-3 open Coordinating Council positions.



  • 2016 Coordinating Council Letters of Interest accepted from December 1 to December 31, 2015.
  • The Coordinating Council will review letters of interest and select new members in January.
  • New members will be notified in early January and introduced to full SDMFC at the January State of the Collaborative Convening.



  1. Establish policy and provide leadership and direction to the SDMFC.
  2. Commit to seeking the necessary resources, which can include in-kind, to further the success of the SDMFC in meeting its vision, mission and goals.
  3. Support active participation of self or staff in SDMFC Task Forces and Work Groups.
  4. Establish information-sharing, communication and feedback mechanisms to maximize community understanding of SDMFC mission, vision and goals.
  5. Attend Coordinating Council Meetings (1x per month).
  6. Monitor composition of the Coordinating Council to ensure a balanced, cross-sectional representation is maintained.
  7. Designate liaisons to Task Force to act on behalf of the Coordinating Council as necessary.
  8. Review and confirm partnership and grant applications as applicable.
  9. Participate on a Coordinating Council subcommittee.



 1 year.  This is a volunteer role. Coordinating Council Roles and Responsibility Agreements will be re-signed annually.



  • Observable history of regular attendance and participation in SDMFC activities.
  • If selected, be able to sign and commit to the CC Roles and Responsibilities Partnership Agreement.
  • Fill an open Coordinating Council participant category
    • EXAMPLE OPEN CATEGORIES: Government, Faith Community, Youth, Business
  • Willingness and expertise to participate on a Coordinating Council sub-committee
    • EXAMPLE COMMITTEES:  Membership, Outreach and Partnerships, Annual Conference/State of the Collaborative Planning, Convenings/Ongoing Events, Outside Training, Policy and Governance, Sustainability


Prior to LOI submission, please review the SDMFC Governance Guidelines  and Coordinating Council Roles and Responsibilities .   Please submit a letter of interest explaining how you would use your volunteer, personal and/or professional experience to further the SDMFC mission. For questions and to apply email Joe at jbuehrle@saysandiego.org