June 2022 Convening

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Welcome to the resource page for the San Diego Military Family Collaborative (SDMFC) Monthly Convening using Zoom for Friday, June 24th, 2022! This convening topic is focused on “A Bridge to Success: Summer Fun & Safety” 

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  • Ray Sevidal, Field Programs Manager- USO San DiegoEmail: rsevidal@uso.org Bringing decades of military experience and first-hand knowledge of the support the USO provides to service members and their families, Ray Sevidal supports USO San Diego Field Programs by providing USO outreach programs to service members and military families on and off military installations in San Diego and El Centro. Prior to this position, he was the Regional Operations Manager for USO Central Region. Ray supported operations throughout eight states: Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. He joined the USO in 2018 as a center manager and set up the first-ever USO center on Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. Before his time with the USO, Ray worked for 15 years in the private sector as a Training Programs Manager for the Commander, U.S. Naval Air Forces, in San Diego, California. Ray is a retired Navy veteran and served 28 years both on active duty and in the Navy Reserves. He is a Navy helicopter pilot, and while on active duty, he deployed on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) to the Arabian Gulf, Adriatic, and Mediterranean Seas. In the Navy Reserves, Ray mobilized and deployed to Iraq (twice), Afghanistan, and Djibouti.
  • Suzie Humphrey, Team Lead- Continuum of Resources and Education (CORE), Email: coresandiegoteamlead@nsfamilyline.org  Suzie Humphrey is a dedicated military community volunteer who has served in multiple roles in her 24 years of being married to a service member.  She is a former medical imaging technologist holding board-certified licenses in X-ray, CT Scan, and adult cardiac ultrasound where she facilitated diagnosis and care over a 29-year career.  Suzie is now living out her encore by continuing to volunteer with organizations serving the military community. Suzie’s current primary role is the team lead for CORE San Diego.  CORE, the Continuum of Resources and Education, is a Naval Services FamilyLine program.  Suzie manages a team of volunteers who design workshops and curate resources to support the Naval Services FamilyLine mission and meet the ever-changing needs of Navy families in the San Diego area.  
  • Heather Kelly, Senior Manager of the West & Pacific Northwest Regions-Travis Manion Foundation, Email: Heather.Kelly@travismanion.org Heather Kelly is the Senior Manager of the West & Pacific Northwest Regions for the Travis Manion Foundation. While managing programming in the West & Pacific Northwest, her responsibilities run the gamut of what TMF offers – working closely with veterans returning to civilian life, the surviving family members of those who make the ultimate sacrifice, and fostering America’s next generation of leaders. In addition to her work at the Travis Manion Foundation, Heather is co-author of The Knock at the Door: Three Gold Star Families Bonded by Grief and Purpose with Ryan Manion and Amy Looney Heffernan, published November 2019. Heather, Ryan, and Amy, three Gold Star family members linked forever by unimaginable loss, share their inspiring and unlikely journey that began on the worst day of their lives. In addition to her daily duties as Senior Manager, Heather continues to serve the community through TMF initiatives including Operation Legacy projects and Survivor Expeditions for other families of the fallen. She is honored to work in the company of like-minded individuals, all seeking to strengthen America’s national character.
    Josh Nudge, ​First Responder Training Specialist – American Red Cross.
  • Email: josh.nudge@redcross.org
  • Phone: (443) 684-9361
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-nudge-6704a134/ 


Discussions with service providers will detail summer offerings for fun activities as well as offer discussion on programs that cater to keeping military families safe during summer fun. We’ll have breakout sessions to connect with one another and Q&A for audience members as well.


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For your convenience, below you will find resources and relevant links that will be referred to in this Convening. 

SDMFC Materials





  • Feel Good Fridays: Currently Suspended
  • MTSE Action Team Meeting: July 14th, 2022 from 10:00am-11:00am (contact Danny/Shelby Thomas sthomas@zero8hundred.org for details)
  • WIWMPK Action Team Meeting: July 21st, 2022 from 12:30pm-1:30pm (confirm with Stacy Chiles- schiles@saysandiego.org 
  • MTSE Virtual Workshop: July 21st, 2022 from 10:00am-12:00pm (registration required)
  • SDMFC Monthly Convening: July 22nd, 2022 from 10:00am-11:30am

*SDMFC will be using Zoom to convene these virtual meetings for the time being, where you can join us through the comfort of your webcam or phone. In order to fully participate in these virtual meetings, SDMFC recommends using a smartphone or computer to access Zoom. You are also able to participate by calling in, but will not be able to access the online materials and activities that will be presented. To utilize Zoom, you will need to do the following:

  • Call in using your phone or join using a Zoom Account on your smartphone or computer(to be able to fully participate in activities we recommend using a computer) Sign-Up for a free account using your work email: https://zoom.us/signup Tune in to SDMFC’s Facebook page for the Zoom link or copy from below!


If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us! To stay most updated on SDMFC news, please review the SDMFC Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sdmilfam/. We will continue to share resources for the community at large including information on resources individuals can access online as well as fun family activities you may consider enjoying together.